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Our games are evolving, weekly.  Long time players and first-timers alike are always welcome!


Weekly drop-in games:

7550 160th Street, Surrey BC, V3S 3T2

We have 3 distinct, unique fields that can accommodate all types of play styles and game modes.

Drop in games vary based on the season and weather.  We play every Sunday of the year, unless posted otherwise. If we do not have a minimum of 8 players by 11am on a game day we will cancel the day.  Please subscribe to our email list on the homepage for game updates.



Minimum Ages:  12 years old, If Under 15, a parent/guardian MUST be on the field with them.  18 and over with waiver.


Please note. We DO NOT charge a corkage fee if you bring your own BB’s,  we do ask that all bbs are biodegradable.  Thank you. Ammo is for sale at the field:

.20 - $20.00

.25 and up - $25.00 

per bag 


EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2023: All drop-in play fee: $25 for everyone who arrives before 10:30, anyone arriving after that the fee is $30

Rentals $60 for everyone who arrives before 10:30 and $65 if you arrive after that

Military, Veterans and Police $20 but after 10:30 is $25 and Rentals $50 but after 10:30 is $55

Ammunition, rentals, parties & private events now available! For private events send us an email.  

For first time players, you must be there before 10am to attend the mandatory safety briefing.

Please note:

We are a social club of great people and friends with an open invitation to potential new players. As such, we reserve the right to refuse anyone that cannot abide by our very simple rules of conduct.  If you cannot behave in accordance with our guidelines, you will be asked to leave.



  1.  Eye protection MUST be worn while in the engagement area at all times.

  2.  While in the safe zone, your airsoft gun must be secured (Barrel Bags are mandatory.  If needed, they are available at the field for a fee)

  3. Play with Honor, and call your hits.  Disgraceful behavior such as cheating will not be tolerated.

  4. Violence or threat of violence, verbal or physical abuse towards anyone will not be tolerated.

  5. We are all Friends here, act responsibly, be respectful of yourself, the field, and the players.

All airsoft guns will be chrono graphed the first time they are at the field.  Any modifications made to the airsoft gun will require subsequent chrono graphing.  The weapon classes are:







Blue max Joules: 1.00 / Unlimited ROF 

Blue class is for multi shot weapons (shot guns) and extremely high rate of fire weapons.  For multi shot weapons there is no FPS/ROF cap. For high rate of fire weapons there is a cap of 300 FPS but do not have a maximum Rate of Fire (ROF) capacity.  Blue class is a special designation for people who heavily modify their weapons, as the threshold for blue class rate is only realistically achieved through aftermarket alterations.



Maximum joules 1.50 (~400FPS)

Maximum Rate of fire 20 RPS

Fully Automatic and Binary-triggers Systems allowed

No minimum Engagement Distance



Maximum joules 1.90 (~450FPS)

Semi-Automatic only

Deliberate Minimum Engagement Distance will be applied



Maximum Joules 2.32 (500FPS)

Bolt action only

Deliberate Minimum Engagement Distance will be applied.

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