Special event: REEl war vietnam

Update June 23 2020 Game rules and Objectives


ReelWar: VietNam 

Mission Information and Objectives



THANK YOU to everyone for the overwhelming response to this event.  Tickets are now Sold out, and no more players will be allowed to register. I would personally like to thank you all for your enthusiasm, and I am going to do my absolute best to make this a game to remember.


Sunday July 05 2020

Start time: Morning (8:00 am sharp for the mandatory Safety meeting, Game starts at 9:00am), any player who misses the safety briefing will be unfortunately denied entry.

cost: $65 (Payment is now open, please etransfer your payment to hben@hotmail.ca to confirm your tickets)

Players who have not confirmed by Sunday the 28th of june will be considered to not be playing.  Feel free to txt or call me at 778 708 0521 with any questions.


Camouflage is offering a commemorative personalized Dog Tag for $5.  If you choose to get one, please include your name and callsign and you can pay for the tag on the event day at the field, directly to the Camouflage representative. 

Camouflage Burnaby has also generously given all Reelwar Vietnam players a storewide discount UP TO 35% 



prize draws will be held at the end of the game and are provided in partnership with Camouflage, Burnaby. 


This Milsim was requested by several players to be as balanced, fair, difficult and arduous as possible.  It will be a rewarding, grueling, challenging experience, that all players will enjoy.


This Game will Span the entirety of the day and will have two multi hour long halves with an hour long break in between.  Each half will have different objectives and conditions.  Please consider the game length when preparing your gear for the day.  There will be zones within the play area where players will be able to resupply and store their provisions.  Hydration will be important.  After the game there will be a fire pit and a Bar-B-Q, as well as prize draws.  This game is heavily inspired by the Vietnam conflict, and as such, the very jungle itself will come alive with threats.  There will be pyrotechnics and billowing smoke creating the fog of war and constantly shifting the battlefield.


Although bottled water will be provided, please consider electrolytes and food when preparing your gear.


If purchasing or using smoke grenades, they MUST be cold burning. 



As with all our games, the rules of play and general conduct will be in effect.


Play with Honor and Respect.

All weapons will be Chronographed prior to the game start and be designated one or three classes.


Green Class: Assault

Up to 400 FPS (1.49 Joules)

No MED (minimum engagement distance), Full Auto is allowed.


Yellow Class: DMR

400-450 FPS (1.50-1.88 Joules)

Yes MED, Semi Auto Only, requires Optics


Red Class: Sniper

450-500 (1.89-2.54 Joules)

Yes MED, Bolt Action Only


All other rules and guidelines will be discussed during the safety briefing.

A full pregame safety briefing will be held directly prior to game start, to which attendance is mandatory.


The Game:


The Game will be split up into two halves, with the result of the first half directly influencing the second.  The American Air Cavalry will be assaulting a fortified city, attacking heavily entrenched Vietcong in their own land.  Using air superiority to establish a landing zone, the AirCav will have to rely on superior coms, and unmatched firepower to gather vital intel, and establish a base of operations.  The VC will be legion, ruthlessly assaulting the AirCav from all sides, using superior numbers and guerilla tactics to overwhelm the U.S. troops.  Both Teams will have different objectives and restrictions.  All players should be in contact with their team leaders, and it is HIGHLY recommended that strategies are planned out in the days before the game.  This will be a very challenging experience, with constant firefights for hours on end.  There will always be something for players to do, and is shaping up to be a very fun day.


During each half, players will not be allowed to exit and re enter the game.  Doing so would dramatically take away from the strategy and hidden nature of many of the games objectives.  If you must must must step off the field of play, you will not be allowed to re enter for the remainder of that half.  Please Plan accordingly.


U.S. Air Cavalry (AirCav)


The U.S. Air Calvary will have a maximum player count of 24

There will be No Loadout Limitation when it comes to weapons, magazine count, grenades.

There will be Resupply stations for ammunition, food, and hydration.

There will be a limitation of 1 Radio per 6 Players.

Uniform design and pattern can be anything except solid black.

There will be areas in which troops will be on elevated platforms and be able to fire with impunity.

AirCav will have the ability to call in precision Napalm Strikes.



1st half

The AirCav will Start deep behind enemy lines and must first clear the landing zones of hostiles, then proceed to capture enemy positions, gather vital intel, and destroy the enemy's supply lines.  For every successfully destroyed enemy position, the AirCav will receive a benefit for the second half.  One of these positions can be converted into a forward command base, where respawn and resupply will be possible, but it can also fall if overwhelmed by the VC.  The Starting Landing Zones will be 100% Impervious to enemy fire.  Living and Dead players that are on these platforms can fire on the enemy and are immune to hits.  This will represent the air superiority the U.S. AirCav had when dropping their troops into the LZs.  However, if these landings are left unguarded, the VC will be able to destroy them, denying the AirCav a spawn point, and forcing bottle necks and choke points.


-There will be 8 Objective targets to be destroyed. Physically destroying each objective will reward the AirCav with vital intel for the second half.  To do so, Players will break and detonate a charge that will be in the objective area.

-There will be a designated Location that, when secured, can be used as a forward Respawn and resupply location.  The VC can push back and deny this location, but the AirCav Can re-capture and secure it again.


-The AirCav will have 6 man Minimum respawns during the first half.  Dead players will report to the LZ and remain until a minimum of 6 players are waiting to respawn.  While waiting, they can resupply, talk on the coms, and even fire from the LZ platforms.  They cannot be killed until their boots are on the ground, but only live players can disembark.

The Optional Forward Respawn point will also have a 6 man minimum respawn while it is held by the Aircav. Dead players who choose to await respawn at that location will be asked to remain unarmed.  This will minimize confusion and hopefully stop dead players from getting shot at.  If the VC retake this position while dead players are awaiting respawn, they will have to relocate to their primary platform spawn points.  


-For every item of intel gathered, The AirCav will narrow down a section of the Map that the P.O.W.s are being held. For every 4 Intel Gathered, the Air Cav can make a precision Napalm Strike during the second half.


Game Half will end if all 8 objectives are destroyed and all intel is taken, or 4 hours have elapsed.


2nd Half

The AirCav, having secured a forward command base, will learn of a Number of P.O.W.s that must be rescued from enemy hands.  The AirCav must take the fight to the enemy, deep into the jungle.  They will have to locate, secure, and rescue the P.O.W.s, bringing them safely to the designated exfiltration site, all the while avoiding traps, and surviving ambushes.  Leave no man behind.


-There will be a Central HQ where AirCav Players will be using as a respawn, resupply and exfiltration hub.  Players MUST defend this location, because if the VC destroy it, it can no longer be used for Spawns or as a Victory Condition for the P.O.W.s rescue.  


-AirCav will have field Medics for the Second half with limited respawn capabilities.


Game Half will last 4 hours or until the P.O.W.s have been safely rescued and exfiltrated.





Vietcong (VC)

The Vietcong will have a maximum player count of 36.

VC players will be limited to semi automatic or bolt action weaponry only.

VC players will be limited on the number of magazines they can carry (2 + 1 in their gun), and are limited to midcap magazines only.

VC players must wear black upper (shirt) and black lower (pants).  They can still have any colour vest or chest rig. The VC WILL NOT be able to wear helmets, or other modern tactical gear. Chest rig, harness, or vest, and a Holster, only.

VC players will be limited to 1 radio per 10 players.

VC players will have several resupply cashes and forward respawn points.

VC players will be given early access to set up traps, tunnels, and other "surprises" for the enemy.

VC players who get Melee kills on AirCav players will receive an in game bonus and something to celebrate the kill, so sharpen your knives.


1st half

The U.S. have invaded! You must defend your city by any means necessary.  Hit and run guerilla tactics, tall grass ambushes, deadly traps and anything else you can think of will be your tools for repelling the enemy.  Here you will be defending key points, constantly trying to deny the enemy encroachment.  For every point you keep from enemy capture, you will receive points to spend on bonuses for the second half.  This will be a constant grind of engaging the enemy, relocating, rearming, and ambushing.  VC players will be able to hide ammunition and resupply caches all over the map.


-The VC will have 5 respawn Sites, with ammunition resupply, food and hydration hidden through the field.  The VC will have a fall back command bunker that has unlimited respawn and supply.  Like the US, this site is invincible, where living or dead players can fire from within with impunity.  Players should plan ot have magazines and ammunition at the ready at these sites.


-Players will be limited to 1 magazine per a side arm and 3 magazines (midcap) for their primary weapons on their person at any time.  Dead and alive players will need to relocate and withdraw to resupply.  If a respawn station is destroyed then there it can no longer be used, and all the stashed supplies will be relocated to the command bunker. *NOTE*  Players from both teams will respect the property of others.  Unless expressly permitted, DO NOT TOUCH OTHER PEOPLES GEAR.  ABSOLUTELY NO TAMPERING OR INTERACTING WITH OPPOSING TEAMS PERSONAL EQUIPMENT.  IF YOU COME ACROSS AN ENEMYS SUPPLY CACHE, YOU WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO "DESTROY AND DENY" THE ENEMY, BUT THAT WILL BE DISCUSSED ON THE DAY AND BE IN ACCORDANCE WITHIN THE RULES.


-8 locations on the field must be defended from destruction and capture.  For every station that survives the first round, the VC will gain benefits (VC generals will be given details as the benefits should be kept secret from the enemy)



2nd Half

Although the AirCav have gained a foothold in your territory, you have captured some high value targets, and are currently holding them for interrogation.  Your P.O.W. camps are hidden deep in the jungle, and you know the U.S. troops are coming. Traps, ambushes, misdirection, and the jungle itself will be your allies.  The Americans cannot be allowed to recover their prisoners. Make them pay for even trying.

The Prisoner will Be a large, Heavy, Human Analogue.  To be fair, The VC will not be able to interact with the POW in any way.  However, Aircav Players can be killed, and must drop the POW's where they were killed.  This will allow for the AirCav to keep whatever gains they make.


-Same ammunition and loadout restrictions apply


- VC will have two forward spawn locations in the jungle that MUST BE DEFENDED. Much like the US AirCav during the first game, they will be points where dead VC players can Respawn and resupply closer to the action.  These Two sites can be destroyed by the US, but conversely, can be taken back by the VC.


-VC will have an forward assault base spawn where players can be allocated to attack, not just defense.  These Players will have the option of destroying the US command base, therefor forcing the US to use their original landing zone for POW extraction.  This will make it much harder for the US team to accomplish their ultimate goal.


-VC players will have access to the field prior to the game to set traps and all manner of insidious agents of war.


-Details for this half will be given to VC generals (Again we do not want to give the US AirCav access to vital information)



THIS GAME IS FOR EVERYONES ENJOYMENT, AND AS SUCH, unless discussed with me privately and prior to the day, THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES.  I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, IF YOU DO NOT FEEL THAT THE RULES APPLY TO YOU, DO NOT ATTEND.  THANK YOU.  If all goes well, this will be an amazing game day and I personally look forward to everyone having a blast.


Again feel free to reach out in any way if you have questions.

See you all there.

Tropical Leaves




SPECIAL EVENT: Terminator Apocalypse

AUGUST 10, 2019 was a night for the books. Thanks to those who attended.

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