Special event: REEl war vietnam

ReelWar: Vietnam

Get To the Choppa!


Welcome to the Jungle boys!  Due to the overwhelming success of the last scenario, Terminator: Apocalypse, we have been inundated with requests for the next full day ReelWar Airsoft event.  This time we are goin deep into Viet Nam.  The Jungle will come alive, teeming with enemy fire as The U.S. Air Cavalry descend deep into Vietcong controlled territory.  Traps, Ambushes, Double Agents and more are only some of the horrors that lie in wait for both sides of this historic and bloody battle, and an amazing twist at the end.


Saturday October 12, 2019 and the game will run Sunrise till Sunset with a Lunch break separating both halves of the game and a BBQ and bonfire after.

Prize Draws, Game Info, rules, and details will be released in waves as the date approaches.


As with all our Scenarios Games, All in attendance will receive unique patches and there will be prize draws.


Things to know now to help plan ahead:

The U.S. forces will have superior firepower, be air-dropped into combat and have no limitation on gear and/or loadout


The Vietcong (VC) will have superior numbers, a network of tunnels, traps and more, but have stark Loadout and gear limitations.  Just don't forget, Charlie Don't Surf.



SPECIAL EVENT: Terminator Apocalypse

AUGUST 10, 2019 was a night for the books. Thanks to those who attended.


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