SPECIAL EVENT: 13 hours in Benghazi


March 28 2021


Camouflage Burnaby will be holding their first o many full milsim events with the help of Reelwar.


Secrets, lies, enemies on all sides, hopeless odds and an impossible objective.... and that's just the beginning.

The CIA has a classified operation, the indigenous populace is storming the US embassy, and there are far too many things that just don't add up.

This game will be a full day event based on 13 Hours: the secret soldiers of Benghazi.  There will be two teams: the highly trained special forces, sent into almost certain death by the CIA, and the fearless Benghazi militia, relentlessly storming the embassy fortress, to bring those who have wronged them to a brutal brand of justice.


Game details will be released weekly as the date approaches. 


Both teams will have separate but linked objectives and be in a position that all players will always have something to do.

The Special Forces will be deployed, off site, and have to fight their way past the blockade and into the besieged embassy to set up a forward command base.  They will then have to find and rescue the captured ambassador.  If successful in the rescue, the Special forces will hold off waves of Benghazi militia until the exfiltration vehicle arrives, at which point they will bring the ambassador to it and exfiltrate, with no men left behind.  


The Benghazi militia will have superior numbers and be extremely mobile.  They will have hostages, and will consistently attempt to raid CIA intel cites, hoping to destroy the illegally obtained intelligence.  They will also attempt to hold and/recapture a high value target, the US ambassador.  Staging a public statement, if the Militia hold the ambassador for enough time, he will be executed.


Details for both Teams (So far)

Special forces will have limited numbers, no gear limitations, and limited Respawn areas


Benghazi Militia will have gear and loadout limitations, but have higher numbers, and many mobile respawn and resupply locatons.


Tickets will be $60 for the full day, to be sold through Camouflage Burnaby only.  There will be prize giveaways, and commemorative items.



  These are rock hard times, and we have never forced people to buy special gear just to be able to participate.  There will be no Mandatory gear requirements, just a few suggestions.  We are here to have fun and be inclusive.




Due to the overwhelming Response (As of August 23rd there were 78 Players registered for the zombie game, with more waiting),

and with the Strict COVID-19 social regulations, we are postponing the game until October.  This decision was not taken lightly, as it was a charity event, but if we adhered to the 50-person limitation, the event would not live up to our regular high standards.  We will hold it as soon as we can, and it will be better than ever.  Thank you to everyone who signed up, your enthusiasm and excitement are why we keep doing this.


ReelWar: Zombie Survival

Let's Survive the Night and take a bite out of Hunger!!!!


The Mission:

This will be a night game special cinematic event that will raise food donations for the Foodbank.  Many people will be going through some hard times this year, and our amazing airsoft community will come together and give as much as we can for those who might not have enough on their tables.



When: September 05 2020 from dusk until the game is done.  We will be playing long into the evening and night.  Plan for Multiple hours of play with intermittent breaks between rounds.

Cost:  $45.00 plus a minimum of 4 non-perishable canned food items. 


Preliminary Game Details and Team Information:


**NOTE** as with all of our special events, details will be released regularly as the game day approaches.


This will be a competitive game, with the winning team players all receiving a prize.

There will be 5 teams of 12 players, with every player taking on the roles of both, survivors and zombies.  (Start making your teams now, it's going to be a wild one)

Throughout the night, each team will have a turn as the survivors, and they will be acquiring points by completing various objectives, and of course by surviving.

When playing as a zombie, your team will be working with all the other teams to deny points for the "Survivors" that round.  As the night progresses, the teams will better understand how to survive, but the zombies will also become better hunters.

Every team will have the same objectives when they are playing as the "Survivors", and will all have the same time allotment.  The order that teams will be taking the role as "Survivors" will be randomized.

The game will be held at night and players should expect the field to be flooded with movie smoke, sourced lighting, and of course some serious blood effects.....yeah that's right blood!  We have just engineered some zombie kill movie blood packs for airsoft.  When a survivor falls to a zombie, everyone will know.  More on that later.



During the Game, Players will Start in The Designated Safe zone.  The Survivors objective will be to acquire as many points as possible, and of course survive.

To gain points, players will have to explore the zombie infested city, scavenge for resources, and successfully return them to their safe zone.  There will be some high value target items, but be prepared for them to be challenging.  At the end of the round, points will be multiplied by the number of remaining survivors.  After all the rounds are done, the winning team will be rewarded with a victory commemorative prize for all players.



You should know, there are stories of a lone survivor from a long dead group.  This lonely scavenger must have his own secret safe house just full of supplies.  Makes you wonder if he has mastered the land of the dead or if he also steals from the living......


Recommended gear:

A light source of some kind

Snacks and Hydration



There will be gear and loadout limitations for players when they are taking on the "Survivor" roles.

**Please Note**

We never want our players to be excluded due to financial limitations.  The gear and loadout guidelines are to be as fair and as inclusive for everyone as possible.  Players should not have to purchase anything other than ammunition for this game.  If any player has any questions about their gear, please feel free to ask me directly.  As long as it fits the spirit of the game, it will of course be allowed.


All players while being the "Survivors" will have to choose ONE of:

.1 Handgun, 2 magazines (standard) and a small standard speed loader

.2 Handguns, 1 magazine (standard) each and a small standard speed loader

.1 Bolt action with 2 magazines (mid cap standard) and a small standard speed loader

.1 pump action shot gun, 6 shells, and a small standard speed loader

.1 AEG/HPA primary weapon (rifle, smg, lmg, ect) and a single MID-CAP magazine.  NO SPEED LOADER

.1 Gas Primary (GBBR ect), 1 Gas magazine, and a small standard speed loader.

***Yes, players may share ammunition within their team.***

***In the case of Revolvers, 18 Shells counts as 1 Magazine***






REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN- please register as a team via email with your team name and player roster. 10 player minimum and 12 player maximum, send all registration details to  please note players who don't have a full team may send me an email to be assigned to a team and put in contact with their teammates.


Special event: REEl war vietnam


JUNE 23, 2020 was aNOTHER night for the books. Thanks to those who attended.

SPECIAL EVENT: Terminator Apocalypse


AUGUST 10, 2019 was a night for the books. Thanks to those who attended.

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